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Austin High School (180)

1700 Dumble
Houston, TX 77023-3195

B.T. Washington High School (105)

119 East 39th
Houston, TX 77018-6599

Bellaire High School (1305)

5100 Maple Street
Bellaire, TX 77401

Chavez High School (20)

8501 Howard
Houston, TX 77017-3289

Davis High School (31)

1101 Quitman
Houston, TX 77009-7815

Debakey High School (4)

3100 Shenandoah
Houston, TX 77021-1097

Furr High School (13)

520 Mercury
Houston, TX 77013-5299

High School For the Performing and Visual Arts (21)

4001 Stanford St.
Houston, TX 77006

Jones High School (12)

7414 St. Lo
Houston, TX 77033-2797

Kashmere High School (208)

6900 Wileyvale
Houston, TX 77028-4199

Lamar High School (319)

3325 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098-1099

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (172)

4701 Dickson
Houston, TX 77007

Lee High School (270)

6529 Beverly Hill
Houston, TX 77057-6406

Madison High School (241)

13719 Whiteheather
Houston, TX 77045-4498

Milby High School (536)

1601 Broadway
Houston, TX 77012-3789

Reagan High School (114)

413 East 13th
Houston, TX 77008-7021

Sam Houston High School (278)

9400 Irvington
Houston, TX 77076-5299

Scarborough High School (377)

4141 Costa Rica
Houston, TX 77092-5299

Sharpstown High School (301)

7504 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77074-5599

Sterling High School (20)

11625 Martindale
Houston, TX 77048-2099

Waltrip High School (217)

1900 West 34th
Houston, TX 77018-6186

Westbury High School (78)

11911 Chimney Rock
Houston, TX 77035-4599

Westside High School (39)

14201 Briar Forest Dr.
Houston, TX 77077-1806

Wheatley High School (98)

4900 Market High School
Houston, TX 77020-6599

Worthing High School (10)

9215 Scott
Houston, TX 77051-3303

Yates High School (33)

3703 Sampson
Houston, TX 77004-4741

Total Schools: 26
Total Custom Websites: 18
Total Members: 5002


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SchoolAddressCity, State, ZipPhoneFAX
Austin High School1700 DumbleHouston71392416007139233157
B.T. Washington High School119 East 39thHouston71369259477136966657
Bellaire High School5100 Maple StreetBellaire71366720647132953763
Chavez High School8501 HowardHouston71349569507134956986
Davis High School1101 QuitmanHouston71322649007132264999
Debakey High School3100 ShenandoahHouston71374124107137465211
Furr High School520 MercuryHouston71367511187136713612
High School For the Performing and Visual Arts4001 Stanford St.Houston71394219607139421968
Jones High School7414 St. LoHouston71373311117137323450
Kashmere High School6900 WileyvaleHouston71363121857136366433
Lamar High School3325 WestheimerHouston71352259607135353769
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice4701 DicksonHouston71386751007138024600
Lee High School6529 Beverly HillHouston71378273107137871723
Madison High School13719 WhiteheatherHouston71343398017134345242
Milby High School1601 BroadwayHouston71392874017139287474
Reagan High School413 East 13thHouston71386156947138670876
Sam Houston High School9400 IrvingtonHouston71369689707136968984
Scarborough High School4141 Costa RicaHouston71368146187136132205
Sharpstown High School7504 BissonnetHouston71377172157137736103
Sterling High School11625 MartindaleHouston71399105107139918111
Waltrip High School1900 West 34thHouston71368813617139577743
Westbury High School11911 Chimney RockHouston71372621407137262164
Westside High School14201 Briar Forest Dr.Houston28192080002819208059
Wheatley High School4900 Market High SchoolHouston71367139007136713951
Worthing High School9215 ScottHouston71373334337137315537
Yates High School3703 SampsonHouston71374854007137468206
Total Schools: 26
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