Nidia Guenard
Dobie High School

Professional Wrestler


Nidia Lynnette Guenard (born March 12, 1979), known as Nidia when performing, is a professional wrestler who worked for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She, along with Maven Huffman, won WWE's first series of Tough Enough, receiving a year-long contract with the company.

Nidia's first major role on WWE's SmackDown! brand was as the valet and on-screen girlfriend of Jamie Noble. During her tenure on SmackDown!, she feuded with several of her fellow divas, including Torrie Wilson and Shaniqua, as well as 'superhero' The Hurricane. This came to an end in an angle in which she was "blinded" by Tajiri's "poison mist" move (during her time off camera she underwent breast augmentation surgery). In later matches, Noble placed her in harm's way to interfere in his favor against Tajiri. The storyline climaxed with Nidia removing her sunglasses, revealing that she could see. Shortly after breaking up with Noble, she was traded to RAW in a "draft lottery", becoming an active wrestler on that brand's women's division. She had the distinction during that period of participating in the shortest Women's wrestling match ever, being pinned in three seconds by Trish Stratus in a WWE Women's Championship match (Stratus had a broken hand and a cast around it, she punched Nidia with this before the bell rang) on a July 2004 edition of RAW.

She stayed with the company for two years after her Tough Enough contract expired, but was released on November 3, 2004 along with Gail Kim and Chuck Palumbo.

After being released by WWE, Nidia would wrestle in many independent promotions and tours including Kishi's Nu-Wrestling Evolution in Italy and Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Mexico.

During a recent interview, Nidia stated she is settling with her current boyfriend in Italy and they are expecting their first child together, who is due 2007[1].

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