Wendy Reese
Radio Personalities
Klein High School c/o 1997

The Buzz 94.5 (Houston)


Oh, where to start?

Name: Wendy
Birthday: June 27th
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Enough
Hips: Shake it like a salt shaker
Waist: Like an hour glass
Bust: Oh, yes

Ok, really...

Hi, I'm Wendy. No, I am not Theresa and no, I am not Karah. Just Wendy. I am one of those single- moniker gals like Oprah and Cher, but with less cash and no plastic surgery.
My career in radio began in Austin at 101X back in 1998 after failing miserably out of Ole Miss ... don't ask. I was there for eight years, and I was the official Flashback Lunch Princess. I am also a firecracker. Some might say that I am full of myself, but I like to call it confidence. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman who truly loves herself. I am very opinionated and don't really care too much for ignorance or the type of people who live the $30,000 millionaire lifestyle … you know exactly what I am talking about.
Let's see, what else? I love to gossip. Don't lie, you do too. The difference is, I'll admit it. In my opinion, it makes the world go 'round! And to top it off, I am a makeup whore. The brighter and tackier the better! I also love to change my hair color all the time. Literally. I am a natural blonde, but I don't believe that crap that blondes have more fun. They just haven't had the blackest of black or fire engine red hair yet!

May I have a drum-roll, please?
Ladies and gentlemen … boys and girls ...
It's the moment you've all been waiting for….

My obligatory "Top 5s!"

Top 5 Websites:
1). Myspace.com
2). Pinkisthenewblog.com
3). Wikipedia.com
4). Ohnotheydidnt.com
5). Blabblermouth.net

Top 5 'Must Haves':
1). Mascara
2). "girl about town" lipstick by M.A.C.
3). Madonna CDs
4). Diet Coke
5). ANY smut magazine

Top 5 Movie Picks:
1). Steal Magnolias
2). Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3). Almost Famous
4). House of 1000 Corpses
5). ALL the brat pack John Hughes movies.

And TV Shows:
1). "Sex and the City"
2). "Law and Order: SVU"
3). "Roseanne" ... thank you Nick at Night!
4). "Medium"
5). ANY show on the E! Channel ... gossip, gotta love it.

Top 5 Dream Professions, besides radio of course!:
1). Event planner
2). The next Heidi Fleiss, but never get caught.
3). Host of a TV show like The View. Keyword: like
4). Burlesque dancer
5). Plus-sized model like Mia Tyler

Because 5 just isn't enough, my Top 10 Celebrity Crushes:
1). Vince Vaughn 6). Rachel McAdams
2). Christina Ricci 7). Mariska Hargitay
3). David Letterman 8). Rob Zombie
4). Courtney Love 9). Madonna
5). John Corbett 10). Gwen Stefani

And last, but certainly not least ...

The answers to the Top 5 Questions people ask me:
1). Yes, they are real.
2). No, my _______ (insert name of piercing or tattoo) did not hurt.
3). Trust me, they are real.
4). I am extremely taken so don't even ask/go there.
5). No, you may not touch them.

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