Paula Prentiss
Lamar High School

The Stepford Wives and The Parallax View


Paula Prentiss is an Italian American actress probably best known for her roles in The Stepford Wives and The Parallax View.

She was born Paula Ragusa on March 4, 1939, to Sicilian emigrants in San Antonio, Texas. She is also very tall, standing 5'10" or 5'11".

Paula Prentiss in the 1964 comedy The World of Henry Orient.Prentiss was most popular in the 1960s and 1970s in such films as Where The Boys Are, Catch-22, Move with Elliott Gould, The World of Henry Orient with Peter Sellers, Man's Favorite Sport? with Rock Hudson, and Follow the Boys.

Her first starring role was in The Horizontal Lieutenant with the late Jim Hutton, father of actor Timothy Hutton.

She is married to actor/director Richard Benjamin, and they live in the Hollywood Hills. They appeared together in the short-lived television series He & She (1967-1968).

Paula's sister Ann is also an actress.

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