Sherry Stringfield
Klein High School c/o 1985

ER, Guiding Light, NYPD Blue, Tell Me You Love Me, Shark


Sherry Stringfield was born in Colorado Springs as oldest of three children, but mainly raised in Spring, TX. In high school she did both athletics and acting. Later she attended the Acting Conservatory of the State New Yort at Purchase from which she graduated 1989 with a B.F.A. While attending the State University of New York at Purchase she roomed with Parker Posey. During this time she appeared in numerous off-Broadway productions. After working a short time in a theater box office, she accepted a 3 years contract as "Blake" in the daytime drama "Guiding Light, The" (1952). After a short break, spent with traveling, she returned to L.A. to co-star as "Laura Kelly" in "NYPD Blue" (1993).

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