Adam Villarreal
Radio Personalities
Klein High School c/o 1997


As a native of Texas and avid fan of anything involving mixed martial arts, Adam Villarreal has established himself as a top player in the media world of MMA by being a fan and student of the art. Since becoming the lead writer for TapouT Magazine, and MMA Worldwide, Adam has been at the forefront of the massively popular sport by witnessing it firsthand and making himself part of the scene that is now more popular than ever.

He originally started his writing career in the music industry and soon ventured out into the sports world after meeting early UFC Tournament Champion, Royce Gracie. That handshake soon transpired into a flourishing career that has yet to lose momentum and now with his latest project of being the host of ESPN's "In the Cage." Adam brings his career full circle back in the city that gave him his start! Be sure and listen to TapouT Magazine's very own, Adam Villarreal every Thursday from 7 to 9pm CST for all the latest and greatest in the sport of mixed martial arts!

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